3 / 17 / 08

Fantage.com proudly announces its successful completion of the beta test and the official site launch as of March 17, 2008.

Fantage thanks to 80,000 beta testers with 1 month of free premium membership, 1,000 free stars and special beta tester crowns.

Newcomers also have special treats during the launch celebrations. All new members will get 2 weeks of free premium membership when they register. Thank you again for all your support and have fun!

3 / 3 / 08

We are giving away FREE STARS in Creature Arena. The stars are magically appearing from time to time. Just go there and collect your free stars. You can use them same as stars you earn from the games.

The beach is now open, and beach games are coming.

Snow Day is a multiplayer game now.

2 / 27 / 08


Buy a creature from the Creature Shop and go through the arena gate, magically you will be transformed into a creature! Feel free to roam around and if you feel happy hit spacebar to jump around. Be careful of the spring domes, they bounce you around until your dizzy. To get around faster there is a public transportation device; the Cannon. You can also fly in the air when you jump on top of an arrow.

More fun is coming. Stay tuned!

2 / 20 / 08

A new multiplayer game is here! Check out Fruit stack and play with your friends. More multiplayer games are coming, so sit tight!

Have fun!

2 / 17 / 08

We now have a new game, named Type Boo in the Castle lobby.

The furniture now comes in different sizes! Click the rotate icon and it will change sizes. You can find the rotate icon under the furniture when you click pencil button in your room. This will make your room even more customizable.

Have fun!

2 / 9 / 08

We added a new game, Fruit Stack. It’s in the star café. The star café has new menu board which has all the games. You can start games by clicking the board, too.

More games are on the way! And, thank you for all your messages and suggestions. You guys are great Fantagians!

2 / 4 / 08

Hooray! We have a new game, Putt Putt Revolution! Put your putting skills to the test, and earn StarS while you’re at it. It’s located in Carnival next to GoCart.

Safe Chat box is finally available now. You can type cute looking emotes using the Safe Chat Balloon. Try it out!

Enjoy and stay tuned. More new features and games are on the way!

2 / 3 / 08

Happy Super Bowl!!!

Fantage is celebrating the Super Bowl Day by giving away free football uniforms.

Go get yours at the Costume Shop, it's only available until the game ends, so hurry!

1 / 28 / 08

How do you like our new world map? It looks better and lets you move around faster.

We also updated our security system. All chats and messages are monitored by an admin computer system.

Creature world is coming up next and more fun games and features are on the way. Have fun!


1 / 22 / 08

We added a new game, Bobo Fish. It’s in a new world hidden next to downtown. It’s not on the map yet but you can get there through the right exit in downtown. Have no fear, the creature world will be up shortly.

Please keep in mind that Fantage is a safe and fun place. If you see something not right or have a good idea, please let us know. Thank you and see you all in Fantage.


1 / 14 / 08

Great news for you; we reduced all the item prices. My favorite Magic Carpet Board is only 300 Stars now! You earn less Stars from games, but your Stars balance is the same as before

Fantage also installed “High Score Board” which shows the highest scores of each game. When you start a game you can find the “high scores” icon from game window. Show your friends how good you are!


1 / 7 / 08

We've just added a new game called “Mouse Out”, look for a small red door in front of the Castle entrance.

You should check out a rumor that there is a secret path to the castle balcony. I saw somebody up there! She went through left side pond, behind a sleepy guard, and …

Le Shop is celebrating New Year by giving away free items. Enjoy!


Fantage.com starts open beta as of 1/1/08

After three months of successful closed beta test, Fantage.com decided to go open beta as of January 1, 2008.

Fantage has kept adding new features and games since its closed beta release in October, 2007. Castle is up and running and 10 games available now. Creature arena will be open shortly. Security and monitoring systems are updated, too.

Stay tuned what’s coming next!

It’s great time, it’s Fantage!


Fantage.com release beta version as of 10/29/07

Fantage.com has released the beta version of its fantastic world to the “Fantage Beta Testers” exclusively as of Oct. 29, 2007. Fantage.com is the user friendly, next generation virtual world for young computer users. The Fantage Beta Testers will enjoy never-seen beautiful virtual worlds filled with exiting features and games. Cute avatars wearing distinctive hair styles and costumes float around 3D like scrolling worlds. You don’t need to waddle any more in the fantastic age. You will be in the thin air with the break through moving device, air board. You can communicate with your friends regardless your location. Fantage multi user chat enables you to enjoy exclusive group chat with your buddies any place in the Fantage world. The intelligent filtering system, Fantage chat will be safer, too. Fantage games also have advanced feature. The buzzer beater game adapts hand motion sensing technology and allows you to throw the ball just like throw it in the real world. Since it’s advanced and new concept, you must see and try the features. And you will say… wow. Yes, it’s totally different from the other out-aged virtual communities. Fantage is in the fantastic age.

Fantage Beta Testers' Missions

Congratulations! Fantage Beta Testers (FBT)! You are so lucky to try our fantastic next generation virtual world before all your friends can. You are here to check out how great our Fantage worlds, to meet and talk to your friends, and enjoy our exiting games. Our site is growing everyday. You will find new features and stuff coming in daily basis. All our FBT agents will be granted as full membership features for free during the beta test period and extra one month of free membership when Fantage opens to the public. You can show your cool FBT cards to your friends and give away the invitation cards so your friends can be FBT agents too. They will love you for showing them know such a great place like Fantage. One last mission for all of our FBT agents is to tell us anything you love, hate or would like to see on Fantage. If anything looks or sounds weird please let us know so we can take care of it. We will give away big prizes for the FBT agents who suggest lots of good ideas and introduce many of their friends to our site. Guess what's the big prize? It's secret for now. :) We will post the prize soon. Have fun, FBT agents!

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