Q-Blast: A NEW Multi-Player Game!

July 18th, 2014

=Play Q-Blast, an ultimate new gaming experience on Fantage!

Gizmo has discovered a mysterious new element…the Q-Particle! This particle has transformed his Superpower Shop into a wonderful new gaming zone!

How do you play Q-Blast? Strategically place exploding cubes around various maps while using power-ups, vehicles, and items to perform better. Compete against your buddies in this fun new multi-player game! Premium Members will get FREE in-game items on the 17th of each month!

It is FREE to play and you can even play with friends! Try it now!

1. Create or Join a ROOM!

2. Click the READY button!

3. If you are the host, click START once everyone is ready!

4. Once in the game, follow these instructions to play!

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