How to Play
One of the greatest attractions of Fantage is the beautiful scrolling world. Click your left mouse button anywhere on screen and you will move to that place. When you go left or right too far, the background will start to move accordingly. Browse everywhere and discover exciting new places.

You will also meet many cool Fantagians. The Fantage chat system is great tool for you to communicate with them. Try using Fantage chat, the instant messaging system, or your personal phone.

When you register, you will receive a basic set of clothing. You can buy more items from the Fantage stores, e.g. Le shop, Salon, and Board shop. You will receive your standard room for free and can go there by clicking the house icon at the bottom left of the screen. You also can go to your buddy place by clicking the house icon at the buddy list. Home decoration items are available at the Furniture store.

You need StarS to buy personal and home items. Everybody receives initial allowance, but you can earn more by playing games. If you play games well, you will get more StarS. Make Stars while having fun!

You can be a school boy today and a wizard tomorrow. You can even change yourself
into a little puppy in the creature arena. Meet friends, make new buddies, and have a
party with them in your room. The fun never ends as long as you're here! Welcome
to Fantage!

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