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What is Fantage?

Fantage, short for 'Fantastic Age', was launched in 2008 in Palisades Park, New Jersey, and designed specifically with kids in mind. The founders of Fantage all have young children of their own, and have designed the world, its mini-games and adventure designs based not only on what their own kids like, but also the thousands of hours they have spent observing and understanding how children play.

Fantage is a virtual, browser-based playground (no downloads required!) where children can play and interact with millions of like-minded kids. In the fun-filled fantasy world of Fantage, children can enjoy a wide range of activities as part of the community, including group chat with their buddies in any place within the Fantage world; hosting and attending parties with dozens of their friends; playing in fashion shows and other activities and enjoying a wide variety of free mini-games.

Our world allows kids to express their creativity through customized homes and avatars, and uses their imagination and problem-solving skills to play games and adventure in missions with their friends. Pets are a big part of Fantage too, as kids can collect and show off their pets, as well as play games with them. As parents, safety for kids in Fantage is very important to us; we have a customized chat filtering system and live moderators who monitor online activity.

As one of the top virtual worlds for children, we want to improve Fantage by providing excitement and entertainment that our users really want by adding new elements and features requested by children and their parents. At Fantage we value your suggestions; our goal is to continuously listen to our audience to keep Fantage fun and safe.

The Fantage team is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

If you are a parent and want to know more about our website, click here to go to the Parents page.

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