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11/01/08 Issue 7 Page 6
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Contest Corner

First up, a major change, from now on, please send all contest submissions to "contest@fantage.com" instead of the old support email address. We will still take entries sent to support during the transition, sorry for any confusion.

Contest Rules!

  1. Submissions must be in an image format! We have received entries as word documents, power point presentations and some crazy things I have never heard of. Well, those are automatically disqualified. Sorry folks. Final entries should be saved in JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF.
  2. You must include your user name! We have been sent some great entries, but they didn't include a user name, so they couldn't win.
  3. Submissions are to be e-mailed to "contest@fantage.com" and name it either "Comic Contest" or "Wallpaper Contest" depending on which you are entering.

Design Contest!

With our Halloween event being rushed, we wanted to make sure you get to start enjoying your winter holiday as long as you can. So this month, we want you to design the items you want this winter! We know Thanksgiving is up next, but we want to have the items ready early for December. Make us some festive winter items. Hats, sweaters, hoverboards, full costumes, or whatever you want to see made into items with a winter theme! You don't need to make one of everything. Our favorite entries will be made into items you can buy in Fantage!

To help you design the items, here are a few templates for you to use. Use the print templates if you want to draw by hand and can scan them back in after you finish. Click on the print templates to open them in a new window. Then you can just hit print from the file menu! Use the digital template if you want to draw directly with your computer. To use the digital templates, right click on them and choose "Save image as..." then open them up in your favorite editing program. We recommend a free program called "Paint.NET" for drawing. You can find it at "www.getpaint.net".

A full page print sheet. 42 images, half boys, half girls, great for quick sketches between classes A larger print sheet, each character is 3x the size of the other print sheet so you can draw with more detail Digital template for the boy's avatar Digital template for the girl's avatar

Comic Contest!

For this contest, we provide a blank comic template. Its your job to fill in what they are saying. Show us how funny you are, be witty, sarcastic, awkward or goofy, whatever you think will make us chuckle. Right click the image below and choose "Save image as...". Then open it up in your favorite drawing / editing program and add captions. We recommend a free program called "Paint.NET" for drawing. You can find it at "www.getpaint.net".

Here is a little tip for those who use the default Windows paint program! When adding caption, make sure "Draw Opaque" is unchecked. That lets you add text cleanly over the image.

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